Ban Sen Juku | Eifel Seminar

A residential summer seminar in the Dojo-Haus.
In the middle of a village in the middle of nature in the Belgian Eifel.

Tomita sensei in the Dojo-Haus (August 2021)

🏡 Dojo-Haus, Weiherstraße 2, 4780 RECHT (St. Vith), Belgium

📅 Earliest arrival Sunday 13 August 2023 at 14:00

📅 Latest departure Saturday 19 August 2023 at 10:00

🕚 Classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11:00-13:00 + 16:00-18:00

🥾 Wednesday is for resting, tourism or hiking + ✨ educational project workshop

💰 Per class: €10 | 📉 Reduction: 2 days: €30 – 3 days: €45 – 4 days: €60 | children -50%

💳 Bed accommodation: in advance | Classes, meals and drinks: cash, PayPal or Payconiq

🛏  Bring your bed linen (covers for mattress, duvet and pillow) 🛁 Bring your bath linen.

🎁 If you start your accommodation in the Dojo-Haus on Sunday: first night for free.

🎁 If you end your accommodation in the Dojo-Haus on Saturday: last night for free.

🩴 By the way, bring a pair of slippers along. No outdoor shoes in the house. Tip: bring a pair of easy slip-on patio shoes along as well for easy switching between indoor and outdoor.

🚗 There is a spacious car park with a double 🔌🔌 semi-public charging station.

1. Accommodation form

    Dojo-Haus Stay | Every room has an en suite bathroom 🚿 | Dojo ‘campers’ have a bathroom at their disposal 🚿. Select your preference:

    🕯 If you don’t want to share a room, you will need to pay for the whole room | 💳 Payment in advance by banker’s transfer or PayPal: you will receive the details in the second half of July.

    2. Meals form

    Deadline: Friday 4 August 2023 | Feel free to fill in this part of the form at a later date than the accommodation part. 

      Tick your meals | Drinks not included, except for breakfast:

      🍽️ Lunch and supper possibilities for the free day or as an alternative abound in the area 🚶🏻‍♀️ 🚗 | ☕ Coffee, 🍵 tea and 💧 water courtesy of the Dojo-Haus | 💰 Meals and drinks: cash or PayPal/Payconiq. Payment before check-out.

      Tick if appropriate | please specify in the message box:

      The Dojo-Haus is privately run by Greet and Dominique.

      They lovingly renovated the derelict place from 2014 to 2017. They combined their full-time jobs with driving to and fro on the weekends, tagging two children along, and giving up summer holidays to fulfill their Dojo-Haus dream.

      They now welcome the Ban Sen Juku family. The success of Ban Sen Juku Aikido Seminars at the Dojo-Haus depends on co-creation and fair – mainly local – resources.