Writers' Retreat | 30 January - 3 February 2023

An informal residential writers‘ retreat in the Dojo-Haus in the middle of a village in the middle of nature in the Belgian Eifel. This retreat is on personal invitation only.
Dojo-Saal: room for writing, breaks and body-mind integration

The main purpose is for linguistic researchers to get writing – or similar – done in an intensive getaway retreat. The background for your information: after an absolutely fabulous writers' retreat under the expert supervision of Sarah Haas in September 2021, I wanted to propose the format to the doctoral school. Well, it turns out that I have not gotten around to it. Hence this informal retreat instead. In short, the formula comprises three pillars: (1) writing/analyzing/working/stretching (2) well-being (3) body-mind integration.

  • 🏡 Dojo-Haus, Weiherstraße 2, 4780 RECHT (St. Vith), Belgium
  • 📅 Earliest arrival Monday 30 January 2023 at 16:00
  • 📅 Latest departure Friday 3 February 2023 at 10:00

A rather informal approach with rotational roles

  • A timekeeper of the day – so as to have a decent number of writing slots per day. We can surely have evening slots as well to make the most out of the retreat (x 3 or 3.5).
  • A chair of the day – to organize the day, esp. the mind-body breaks 😉 (x 3).
  • A barista of the day – to keep the water hot for coffee and tea (x4).
  • A food team of the day – to organize dinner (x 3).
  • A brekkie partner of the day – to help Greet prepare breakfast (x 4).

Practical arrangements

  • 💰 €35 p.p. for the whole stay.
    • Cleaning and energy costs.
    • Meal and drinks not included.
  • 🥐 €9.00 p.p. per day for breakfast and breaks with healthy snacks (x 4 if your are staying from Monday till Friday).
  • 🥣 Greet will make fresh vegetarian soup for every lunch. We can eat it with delicious left-over breakfast bread and food stuffs.
  • 🍽 Other food moments will happen with food teams and a restaurant visit on the last night.
  • ☕ Coffee and tea courtesy of the Dojo-Haus. You may want to bring your preferred tea leaves or bags.
  • 🍹 Other drinks available in the house at a socially acceptable price.
  • ✒ Number of participants:
    • 🛏 If one person per room: 6
    • 🛏 If two people per room: 12
    • 🚿 Each room has an en suite bathroom and twin beds or two bunk beds.

To do

✅ Let Greet know if you want to share a room and with whom.

✅ Let Greet know any food preferences or resitrictions:

    • Allergies
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan

✅ Notify your supervisor where you will be.

✅ Get in touch if you want to carpool (preferred) 🚗 or need a pick-up/drop-off at the railway station of Verviers-Central 🚂.

To bring

🛏 Bring bed linen (covers for mattress, duvet and pillow).

🛁 Bring bath linen.

👕 Bring along easy clothes.

🩴 Bring a pair of slippers along. No outdoor shoes in the house. There is no floor heating, so bring socks if you easily have cold feet.

🥾 Bring along a pair of hiking boots. We are in the Belgian Eifel after all. 

Questions? Worries? Suggestions? Contact Greet 📧 greet.debaets@ugent.be 📱 0474 71 48 00.


The Dojo-Haus is privately run by Greet and Dominique.

They lovingly renovated the derelict place from 2014 to 2017. They combined their full-time jobs with driving to and fro on the weekends, tagging two children along, and giving up summer holidays to fulfill their Dojo-Haus dream.

They now welcome the MULTIPLES researchers community. The success of a writers’ retreat at the Dojo-Haus depends on co-creation and fair – mainly local – resources.